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LUMIÈRE Riverside – The Final Jewel in Thao Dien District 2

Posted by Phan Mai on November 24, 2023

Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, is not just a rapidly developing area. It is an epitome of prosperity and sophistication. Within this context, the Lumiere Riverside project stands out as a precious gem, surpassing all standards of class and luxury. Let’s explore the unique and refined aspects that this project offers, together with Modan Home.

1. Masterise Lumière Riverside Project

Masterise Homes, the developer behind Masterise Lumière Riverside, is a member of the Masterise Group. Formerly known as Thao Dien Investment Joint Stock Company, this company has made its mark through premium projects under the Masteri, Millennium, and M-One brands. The mission of Masterise Homes is to manage and develop all residential real estate brands within the Masterise Group in the future.

Masterise Homes doesn’t solely focus on providing housing. Masterise Lumière Riverside also aims to enhance sustainable value over time, meeting customer expectations and striving to create a comprehensive living value chain within an internationally standardized residential real estate ecosystem.

2. What Does Lumière Riverside Offer?

The apartments in this project are priced at nearly 90 million VND per square meter, offering a fairly flexible range of sizes. A one-bedroom apartment ranges from 49 to 52 square meters, while a two-bedroom apartment provides a larger space of 68 to 77 square meters. Furthermore, three-bedroom apartments span from 92 to 113 square meters, creating comfortable and convenient living spaces. With this diversity in sizes, the project caters to the needs of various customer segments, from singles to large families, offering suitable and diverse options for living spaces.

Situated along Ha Noi Highway, in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, this project, covering approximately 19,395 square meters, has captured attention due to its diversity and amenities. It’s a real estate complex comprising 2 towers spanning 36 to 44 floors, crafting a modern and upscale living environment.

With over 1000 diverse apartments, this project offers a wide array of choices. These upscale apartments range from 1 to 3 bedrooms, including luxurious Penthouses designed for optimized space and amenities. It’s an ideal space for those seeking a sophisticated and convenient living environment.

Moreover, the project integrates shops and the option for combined apartments, offering flexibility for both buyers and renters. This doesn’t just increase convenience but also fosters a diverse and vibrant living community. Beyond its prime location in District 2, the project is highly regarded for its on-site facilities and modern infrastructure. The blend of green spaces, recreational areas, gyms, swimming pools, and other amenities creates a complete and ideal living environment for residents.

Throughout its development, this project has garnered significant attention from homebuyers and investors, both domestic and international. Undoubtedly, it’s a noteworthy choice for those seeking a comfortable and upscale living space in this bustling city center.

To understanding of the projects garnering attention in the market alongside luxurious apartments, you can visit Modan Home website. We are committed to providing meticulous and comprehensive guidance to support you in the best possible way.

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