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Metropole Thu Thiem – District 2

The Metropole luxury apartment project in District 2 is about to be announced for sale in the fourth quarter of 2018. Metropole Thu Thiem apartment in District 2 is one of the luxury apartment products with attractive prices from only 4000/m2.

Although not officially announced by the investor, the information about The Metropole Thu Thiem Apartment in District 2 is spreading all over the real estate pages, and receiving a lot of interested customers.

This is the latest project of the famous investor Son Kim Land in Thu Thiem area, District 2 – The famous domestic and international real estate tycoon (apartments, offices, restaurants, hotels… ) – has been honored with 2 luxury apartment projects Gateway Thao Dien and The Nassim Thao Dien.

The Metropole Thu Thiem apartment that is about to be opened for sale by Son Kim in May 2018 is unofficially named The Metropole Sonkim Land Thu Thiem, which is a 5-star luxury apartment line exclusively for the upper middle class.

In April 2018, the Investor officially received a refundable reservation with 2 product lines at the project, including apartments and shophouses with a deposit of 200 million – 500 million VND/unit. Currently, in the East area, Sonkim Land’s The Metropole Thu Thiem is the hottest project in the high-end segment.


Son Kim Land is a well-known real estate developer in Vietnam, a well-known investor in the industry, and often cooperates with other Big Guys. This high-end real estate tycoon joined the market in 2015, but has continuously achieved great success, and is likened to a new breeze for Ho Chi Minh City real estate. HCM.

Referring to Son Kim Land, it is impossible not to mention 3 high-class projects that make up the brand name, including Gateway Thao Dien, The Nassim Thao Dien, Serenity Sky Villas.

Let’s look at the scale of these projects to evaluate Son Kim Land:

– Gateway Thao Dien (District 2): A handshake between Son Kim Land and Hamon Developments, worth US$105 million. The project consists of 4 towers with nearly 600 high-class products, with an area of ​​1-4 bedrooms. Gateway Thao Dien design is modern, luxurious and high-class furniture of 5-star standard, with kitchen equipment, wc of SB Furniture, Teka, Kohler…

– The Nassim Thao Dien (District 2): Co-operated by Son Kim Land & Hong Kong Land, scale of 4 29-storey towers, expected to be completed in June 2018. The project is considered as a luxury apartment line with royal style, elegant and elegant, a pride for owners.

– Serenity Sky Villas (District 3): The project has a scale of 1,505 m2, 17 floors and 45 villas, built in the “villa village” in the old Saigon era (a living area reserved for the elite in the past period). ), right on Dien Bien Phu street (between Le Quy Don and Tran Quoc Thao). This is a super luxury line with prices up to 117 million/m2 for apartments.


Project location: Lot 1.16 and Lot 1.17 in Thu Thiem New Urban Area, District 2.

Investor: Quoc Loc Phat

Project development: Sonkim Land.

Total area: About 7.6 ha

Scale of The Metropole Thu Thiem: Including 5 blocks of 12 floors with direct view of the Saigon River, divided into 2 specific phases as follows:

+ Phase 1: Lot 1.16 (expected about 430 apartments)

+ Phase 2: Lot 1.17

Type of investment and development: 1-2-3 bedroom luxury apartment and Shophouse

Estimated start-up: 3rd quarter of 2018

Expected handover of the apartment: 2021



Sonkim Land Thu Thiem apartment is located on a land fund of nearly 8 hectares, in Thu Thiem peninsula, District 2. This is the central location of the East Saigon area and also the center of development of the city in the near future. Exactly, in Thu Thiem Urban Area, the project is located at Functional Area No.

It can be said that this project of Son Kim is one of the apartments in District 2 with an extremely favorable location. With this location, The Metropole Sonkim Land will be near the foot of Thu Thiem pedestrian bridge 2 (handover of 2018) and directly connected to Metro station No. 1. At the same time, the blocks are also built facing the river. Saigon. This helps The Metropole Thu Thiem become one of the brightest projects currently in the East Zone. Some of the reviews are as follows:

– The project location offers potential for price appreciation over time and high liquidity – The inherent advantage that most projects in Thu Thiem urban area possess.

– The Metropole Thu Thiem owns a poetic view and fresh atmosphere of the peninsula, with fresh green vegetation and a riverside ecosystem that still retains its pristine features.

– The project is located in the area where the transport infrastructure is developing synchronously, strongly and comprehensively. This makes traveling more convenient, experiencing utilities easier and importantly, the more the infrastructure develops, the faster the price increases.

– North, South: Adjacent to Thu Thiem Bridge 2

– East: View of Thu Thiem central lake

– West: Adjacent to the Symphony Hall, cultural house

Currently, the utilities have not been officially announced, but like the projects that the investor Son Kim Land has developed before, The Metropole Thu Thiem District 2 will certainly be a project filled with expensive utilities, reaching 5-star standard that the elite are always satisfied.

Just a few steps from Thu Thiem Central Square and Thu Thiem Stadium.

2 minutes from Thu Thiem Central Lake.

Only 3-5 minutes from Thu Thiem Ecological Urban Area, Thu Thiem Lake View, Thu Thiem River Park.

Education system, health care, shopping and entertainment centers, administrative offices are only 5-10 minutes by car.



We can see that, for high-end customers, their requirements for accommodation are very strict, not only meeting the standard of the apartment, but the requirements for the internal utilities around the apartment are also a factor. criteria for them to consider. If your apartment is fully designed, modern and comfortable but located outside the city, there is no green space, then surely no one will choose to invest a huge amount of money to invest. But if the same apartment is built in a place with convenient traffic, beautiful views, and full facilities inside and outside the area, the value of the apartment will be increased many times.

At Metropole Thu Thiem, residents can use Jacuzzi, Gym, Sauna for free. In addition, the project is also designed a tennis court, basketball, badminton, table tennis, yoga area for those who need to use it. At the same time, SonKim Land also spends a large land fund to build an outdoor BBQ area to create a cool feeling for all residents like a resort paradise.

Especially, for families with young children, you can rest assured that the children can play at the strictly managed children’s playground. Artificial parks and landscaped lakes are also factors that contribute to adding value to Metropole Thu Thiem apartments.

Diverse external utilities of The Metropole Thu Thiem project

The metropole Thu Thiem project in District 2 has convenient external facilities. First of all, it is impossible not to mention the Opera House – The newest musical and dance theater is now located right in front of the campus of the largest and most modern project in the city with a huge capacity of up to 1,700 seats. This new theater is expected to be the center of art to meet the increasing enjoyment needs of people who are knowledgeable about art and music.

Besides, the utilities that Central Plaza brings to The Metropole Thu Thiem project are not small. The square will be a large, modern shopping place with world famous shopping brands and brands. Here, there will soon be a walking path connecting directly to Nguyen Hue street in District 1. Not only for shopping, the square is also a place for residents to completely relax if there is no need. shopping demand.

Convention Center is also not far from the project. This place will be an international standard exhibition center serving the urban community as well as the whole city. Therefore, residents can easily move here to enjoy the great talents and products created by humans and nature.

A utility that cannot be ignored is the Crescent Boulevard Underground Link transportation system. This will be the busy commercial traffic route of Thu Thiem urban area. In addition, the external utilities from neighboring high-end projects are being completed such as Empire City, Vinhomes Thu Thiem Area, Vinhomes Khanh Hoi Area, Sala Urban Area, Eco Smart City, Vinhomes Golden River Area, … will also add value to the products of The Metropole Thu Thiem project.



The Metropole Thu Thiem is the project of Song Viet urban complex in Thu Thiem new urban area in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City with the golden position of the project as Lot 1.16 and Lot 1.17, Thu Thiem new urban area, District 2. Thus, The Metropole Thu Thiem project will be fully located in the central core of Thu Thiem with the function of a financial and commercial center with a location that cannot be more favorable. The Metropole Thu Thiem project has been licensed by the City to Quoc Loc Phat Company since the end of 2017, with the project investors being Hongkong Land and Sonkim Land and the design unit from Singapore.

The Metropole Thu Thiem project will be developed on 2 plots of land with a scale of 7.6 hectares with a total investment of up to 7,300 billion VND. Which focuses on the high-end customer segment. Targeted customers are people with high incomes in society, so Metropole is designed to satisfy the criteria of sustainable development and energy saving, fully and high-class living needs of customers. citizen.

Quoc Loc Phat Joint Stock Company (Quoc Loc Phat) has signed a strategic contract with Vietcombank to launch The Metropole Thu Thiem project in District 2 as the guarantor for the project. In addition, according to the latest report of SonKim Land, this company will play the role of the strategic developer of this project. This is a corporation with a wealth of experience and market knowledge of a high-end real estate developer in Ho Chi Minh City.

Detail Plan

The project is built with 5 blocks, 12 floors high, with 2 types of products: apartments and shophouses. Metropole Thu Thiem is the next project where Hoa Binh construction contractor is the main contractor, directly directing the construction. Metropole Thu Thiem project is considered as a large project of regional stature, developed by Sonkim Land. The cooperation between these bosses promises to give birth to a new super project that is not inferior to surrounding projects such as Empire City or Thu Thiem River Park.

In phase 1, the project will be developed with more than 400 products, including:

– 1-bedroom apartment: 95 units, area from 50m2 to 60m2.

– 2 bedroom apartment: 307 units, area about 100m2.

– 3-bedroom apartment: 106 units, area about 140m2.

– Shophouse: 33 apartments, area about 250m2.

– Penthouse: Area 300m2, only a few apartments.


All apartments are developed according to 5-star standard, modern style that harmonizes European and Asian design. The apartments will have full functional areas, with modern living room, cozy bedroom, comfortable kitchen, clean dining room, luxurious toilet, airy balcony…

The great thing is that up to 70% of apartments have a full view of the Saigon River, the rest also inherit a beautiful view of green vegetation, streets and brilliant buildings.

The design of The Metropole Thu Thiem project was created by designers from Singapore. The project is inspired by the quintessential designs in Barangaroo and East Circular Quay in Sydney and will be Vietnameseized to best suit the Vietnamese context and culture.

All apartments at The Metropole Thu Thiem project are developed according to five-star standards with a modern style that harmoniously combines European and Asian design. The apartments will have full functional areas: modern living room, cozy bedroom, clean dining room, comfortable kitchen, dry toilet, airy balcony, …

Another great point here is that up to 70% of the apartments here have a full view of the Saigon River, the remaining apartments also inherit a beautiful view of the greenery, busy streets and brilliant buildings. This point alone shows the big difference between SownKim Land’s real estate project and all the projects of other investors.

With this unique and new design, The Metropole Thu Thiem is promised to be a new destination for the people of this bustling city, especially for those who love an attractive urban lifestyle like in New York. York, London or Sydney.


Selling Price

According to information on the sidelines, the price of The Metropole Sonkim Land apartment in District 2 is expected to be from 4000 – 5000 USD/m2. Shophouse is expected to be the lowest at 6000 – 7000 USD/m2. Thus, the price of apartments can fluctuate as follows:

– 1 bedroom apartment: About 240,000 USD / 60m2 apartment

– 2 bedroom apartment: About 400,000 USD / 100m2 apartment

– 3-bedroom apartment: About 560,000 USD / 140m2 apartment

Currently, The Metropole Sonkim Land Thu Thiem investor is accepting refundable bookings for phase 1 products, with the following rates:

– Deposit 200 million VND/apartment

– Deposit 500 million VND/shophouse.

Regarding the payment schedule, Hongkong Land is drafting and may be in two options: One-time payment of 95% of the total contract value or according to the construction progress.

As a rule, each customer can only book no more than 2 apartments. As expected, in May 2018 the official selling price will be announced by SonKim Land on the opening day. We will promptly update when we have the latest news.

For all product line transactions at Metropole Thu Thiem SonKim project, customers only have to pay 50% in advance until receiving the house within 3 years. With this payment method, customers only need to prepare an initial preparation of more than 1 billion, corresponding to 20% – 30% of the payment value for the first year and pay gradually over the following months.

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