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The River Thu Thiem – District 2

The River Thu Thiem project in District 2, also known as Thu Thiem River Park Apartment in District 2, is invested by City Garden Joint Stock Company, a member company of REFICO Group. This is the latest product of Refico in 2020 officially announced for sale in the high-end apartment market in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.
The River Thu Thiem project is the convergence of the best when located in Vietnam, designed by Singapore architects, developed by Refico. This is a construction project located in the multi-functional residential area No. 3 of Thu Thiem urban area.
When completed and put into use in 2021, the project has provided the market with 1140 apartments with designs from 1 to 4 bedrooms with a variety of types including Duplex/Penthouse and Shophouse.
The River Thu Thiem apartment has a modern design, equipped with high-class furniture from famous brands in the world, bringing quality and high-class life to all homeowners. And besides, it helps to affirm the authentic living space thanks to the high-class transport infrastructure system.


Project name: The River Thu Thiem
Location: Right at the foot of Thu Thiem 1 bridge towards Thu Thiem urban area, District 2 (Lot 3.15 + 3.16 Vong Cung Boulevard, Thu Thiem urban area, District 2, HCMC)
Product type: apartment + shophouse + penthouse/duplex + commercial center
Investor: Joint venture between CII and Hongkong Land
Design unit: Singapore
Land area: 15,378 m2
Construction area: 9,126 m2
Apartment floor area: 90,000 m2
Commercial floor area: 4,500 m2
Scale: 3 18-storey apartment towers
Number of apartments: 525
Handover standard: fully furnished apartment
Delivery deadline: end of 2020



The River Thu Thiem project owns a location located right at the North – South route along the arc boulevard of Thu Thiem new urban area. This location is located in the central core of the urban area and is surrounded by the Saigon River, the canal No. 1 Thu Thiem. Therefore, the location of the project is considered to be more perfect, good feng shui. From there, creating a green, peaceful and harmonious living space with
Thanks to this location, The River Thu Thiem apartment project in District 2 has the ability to quickly link the area to the city center areas and neighboring locations. The project is located along the Saigon River, so it has a fresh green living space, leading in the area.
From the location of the project, every day customers can enjoy the panoramic view of the city, unobstructed by other high-rise projects. And especially, there is a fresh green living space, of nature and plants.

From the project to the center of District 1 about 1km

Within a radius of 200m is an international school, Thu Thiem central lake

With about 500m of travel, residents quickly come to the international hospital to take care of all residents

Only less than 1km from the tallest building in Vietnam



The River Thu Thiem project was conceived with a modern European design style, integrating a series of 5-star standard service utilities for the needs of modern relaxation, entertainment, shopping and entertainment of the city. residents such as: Swimming pool; a chain of restaurants; coffee shop; gym room; health spa; overflowing lake; shopping mall; riverside park; convention and exhibition center; schools; hospital; Bank…
These facilities are reasonably arranged along with a system of parks, riverside trees, and internal roads to help form continuous green living areas.
Thu Thiem is now a prominent area with a series of rapid construction projects such as: Sala Dai Quang Minh Urban Area; Empire City; The Metropole Thu Thiem; Eco Smart City; Thu Thiem Xi; …
In the future, with a vision to 2021, when customers move to live at the Thu Thiem River Park project, they will inherit a chain of high-class service utilities, existing in the area such as: international hospitals; schools; commercial center area; a chain of restaurants; Theatre…
There is almost no shortage of high-class facilities to meet all the needs of residents. In particular, from the project, residents will only take a few minutes to move to the center of Binh Thanh – District 1, access to famous tourist attractions, the symbol of Ho Chi Minh City for a long time.



The River Thu Thiem apartment has a total land area of 15,378 m2, constructed with a scale of 3 apartment towers with a height of 18 floors, when completed, providing the market with only 525 luxury apartments.

The apartments of the project have diverse designs from 1 to 4 bedrooms, area from 54m2 to 300m2. Therefore, customers can freely choose the type that suits their needs and financial capacity for a profitable investment and residence.

Detail Plan

The project has a scale of 3 towers in which:
+ The Seine Tower is 12 floors high
+ The Thames and Hudson tower is 18 floors high
When completed, the project provides customers with a total of 525 products including apartments; shophouse; penthouse/duplex. Including: 501 apartments + 12 Penthouses + 12 pool villas. The density of apartments/floor layout is only from 9-16 units/floor
Customers can choose from a variety of apartment types as follows:
+ 01 bedroom apartment with area from 54-59m2;
+ 02 bedroom apartment from 77-82m2
+ 03-bedroom apartment from 107-180m2
+ 4-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​250-300m2


The River Thu Thiem apartment project is a masterpiece of architecture and design when the smallest details are reasonably elaborated in each smallest space. From there, it helps to optimize the usable area, take advantage of the expensive view of the Saigon River, and the green living natural landscape to help create an authentic green life for customers who are successful people and the elite. .

The apartments of The River project provide the market with a variety of areas, including apartments with private pools for customers to freely choose according to their needs and financial capabilities.

The highlight of the project is the open space with green living area covered with green trees. And especially, there is a unique wavy design in contemporary style, creating softness and sustainability over time, receiving the best natural sunlight and wind, along with creating aesthetics for each product.

To ensure the quality of the product, the investor has cooperated with a series of famous and prestigious names in the market in all fields to commit to handing over the apartment in accordance with the standards as well as the committed time. with customers.

With a unique layout in the shape of a herringbone, the rear hatch helps to optimize the view for every large apartment opening to the fresh Saigon River. The investor has paid great attention to the feng shui factor when the apartments are square and reasonably arranged.

The corridor area of ​​the towers is up to 2.1m wide, with small branches turning into each apartment, unlike other projects located in a corridor. This is something that is rarely seen in any project that creates a highlight, ensuring privacy for all residents.


Selling Price

The selling price of River Thu Thiem apartment project is expected to be offered in the price range from 5500 USD/m2. This is the price that is considered reasonable when compared with products in the same segment, in the same Thu Thiem area such as:
+ The Metropole apartment has a selling price from 5500 USD / m2 at the time of opening, and now the new phase is 7000 USD / m2
+ Empire City: offers apartments in the newly launched Cove Residences riverside low-rise block in the range of 6,800 – 7000 USD/m2.
+ The Centennial project of Alpha King investor in Ba Son is located opposite The Riverin Thu Thiem across the Saigon River, the investor offers an expected selling price in the range of 12,000 USD/m2.
From comparing the selling prices of the Thu Thiem River project with other products in the same area, in the same segment, it can be seen that the price seems to be high. However, when compared to the surrounding area and the potential of Thu Thiem, this price is reasonable and still cheap.
When you become a resident of the River Thu Thiem project, you and your family will live in the core area of ​​the new administrative center, perfectly planned according to standards from the beginning; Quality and progress are guaranteed by the brand and reputation of the leading investor in Vietnam, REFICO – a famous name specializing in creating famous super products.

Along with that, the project has created a comfortable, luxurious, 5-star standard life that will bring a civilized, modern and upper-class community for all residents. That is why the value of River Thu Thiem apartment in District 2 is considered to be extremely large and is one of the most liveable apartments in Ho Chi Minh City.
Above is the information we provide to customers and investors about The River Thu Thiem apartment project. Hopefully, this information will help customers best in choosing a place to live and invest in the top profit in District 2 today.

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