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The ultimate guide of buying/renting motorbike and e-scooters in Vietnam

Posted by on June 21, 2022

It doesn’t matter if you are new to Saigon, commuting is just something you talk about pretty much daily. From a local’s point of view, Modan Home would love to provide you fresh perspectives which relate to the iconic transportation “bikes”. With pieces of advice from our professional bike rental agency- The Extra Mile, Modan Home hopes this article is something you have been looking for.

To purchase or to rent a bike?

The great question that its answer is pretty much divided on various Expat forums, here are some of the most relevant points to consider when deciding between renting and buying a motorbike:

 Motorbike RentalMotorbike Purchase
Duration of use·       For expats who stay for a limited duration or for an uncertain time it is an advantage to simply rent.·       As a matter of fact, it may be more cost-effective to rent if staying for a year or 2 given how fast motorbikes depreciate over time.For expats who plan to settle in Vietnam, it could make sense to buy rather than to rent.
Maintenance·       It is quite common to find second-hand bikes in bad condition because of the lack of maintenance, as many users are inexperienced in it.·       When renting, the user does not need to worry about maintenance.·       However, as much as the renter is responsible for the bike’s maintenance, it is important to ensure that they make it properly. Users should always research well and select the rental business with a good reputation. Not every rental shop care for their bikes properly.·       The only way the maintenance could be an advantage when buying a bike is if the buyer has a decent understanding of mechanics.·       A major issue in Vietnam is the lack of competent mechanic shops. Even official shops have serious oversights and make unacceptable mistakes.·       For this matter, it is important to select the right bike to purchase and to be ready to invest a proper amount of money.
Dealing with mechanics·       It is unavoidable to need a mechanic every so on, whether it is a flat tire or any other issue stranding the user. Rental shops should always provide support even if it is only by communicating with the mechanic directly in order to advise and guide the customer well.·       Unfortunately, some mechanics do resort to unethical practices to overcharge foreigners and even locals. Having someone with mechanical knowledge to support the customer is key.·       Customers still need to do the proper due diligence to ensure that the rental shop is knowledgeable and able to support should they need a street mechanic.This is quite related to the point above, and it is a major con for purchasing a bike instead of renting. If the buyer does not have experience in mechanics and does not know the value of parts and labor, it is then easy to be scammed by mechanics. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to meet tricks such as swiping well-working parts for older or broken ones or even intentionally damaging further the bike in order to charge more money.If you buy, make sure to find a mechanic you can absolutely trust.
EmergenciesLike the previous point, it is a great advantage to have immediate support in case of emergencies such as accidents, loss of keys, loss of parking tickets, etc.If you buy, you are on your own.
PoliceThis could be considered an emergency as well. It is frequent in Vietnam that foreigners get stopped by the traffic police and do not know how to deal with them.As it is well known, dealing with the police in Vietnam is not black and white. So, having a renter with experience in dealing with the police will come as a great help.If you buy, you are on your own.
Diversity of fleet·       No matter how long an expat is staying in Vietnam, it is usual to change and upgrade vehicles. With a rental, it is easy if the renter can provide a diverse choice of bikes.·       It is very convenient to be able to quickly switch between models to fit different transport purposes. We do have customers who upgraded because of different storage needs, type of commuting, or simply foreseeing occasional road trips.The only way to enjoy a diverse fleet when buying your own bike is to buy more than one at the same time or frequently re-sell and buy. Of course, for this case, you need to have a large enough capital.However, if you are comfortable with one bike only for a few years, then there are no cons for your case. Get a Honda bike if it is the case, they are the most durable.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that renting a bike instead of purchasing one is a great advantage for the following situations:

  • People stay for an uncertain or limited period of time in the city/country.
  • Fellas without knowledge of maintenance and mechanics prefer to have someone else handle it all for them.
  • Those who prefer the convenience of service to be assisted in case of need (such as police, accidents, parking issues, etc.)
  • Ones that may change their transport needs and would benefit from a multiple choice of models instead of sticking to one bike alone for several months.

Though, to purchase a bike is also a good choice when the buyer is certain of the bike to select since it can represent an important investment. A few things to consider when buying a bike:

If buying a new bike:

  • Make sure to have the necessary paperwork to register the bike or alternatively a solution to register on a Vietnamese person’s name to avoid the hassle of a paper process.
  • Ensure it is a bike for which you can get a proper after-purchase service with a frequent supply of parts. Not all brands provide a proper after-purchase service and some severely struggle with their supply chains.
  • If you buy an imported bike, consider the longer waiting times for parts.

If buying a second-hand bike:

  • Get as much information about its service history as possible. Assessing the condition of a bike is not something easy, you may need to bring in a trusted expert.
  • Make sure of the legal status of the bike and whether the ownership is transferable or not. Once again, you may need support from an expert for this as it requires a lot of knowledge.
  • Do proper due diligence by researching and comparing prices and valuations throughout diverse sources. Expats are sometimes known to overpay for bikes worth much less than their offered prices.

If you need support to purchase a bike new, check out The Extra Mile’s Registration Service.

And if you need support to purchase a second-hand bike, you can as well check out their here Sourcing and Mechanical Check Service.

The Extra Mile is proud to have customers who rent for as long as 3 years. Some of their longest customers really took advantage of their diversified fleet and the capacity to quickly upgrade. Customers who bought bikes through them but are still occasionally rental customers whether they need a different bike for a specific transport purpose or for visiting friends and relatives. The bike rental agency is frequently praised for the high-quality maintenance they do on their bikes which helped gain such great customer loyalty. Let just say our partner is a trusted bike rental business as their reviews do reflect so.

The Extra Mile offers the best quality bikes there can be, it is a safe, secured, advanced, and professional service, the top bike rental agency in town is available.

Check their reputation and let them know how they may assist you.

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