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Vinhomes Golden River – District 1

Vinhomes Golden River Ba Son – The Most Expected Super Project of 2016 Officially Launched. Vinhomes Golden River apartment project was created by Vingroup to create a miniature green city in the heart of the city.

Vinhomes Golden River Ba Son – The First Ecological Urban Complex in the Center of Saigon. The Vinhomes Golden River project has once again created a great attraction for investors, real estate experts as well as all customers who want to own a 5-star class product in a unique, golden location. The only one left in the city center is hotter than ever.

The birth of the Vinhomes Golden River apartment project promises to be a new breeze for the City Center Real Estate market in particular as well as the entire Saigon Real Estate market in general, and moreover to bring a new fever for investors, for all customers, thereby creating a new face to adorn the face of Saigon with a luxurious and modern architecture in the future.


Investor: Vingroup (No. 1 Real Estate Investor in Vietnam)

Project location: No. 2 Ton Duc Thang, Ben Nghe, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Official commercial name: Vinhomes Golden River

Total project area: 25.29 ha

Construction density of the whole area: Only 18.6%

Type of investment: High-class apartments; Serviced apartments; Villa; Office; Trade in Services

Main subdivisions: The Front; The Luxury; The Aqua; The Victoria area

Number of floors: From 36 to 50 floors (Especially with a 60-storey Office tower)

Start of construction: Quarter 1/2016

Expected handover: From Q4/2017 – Q2/2018

Ownership form: Vietnamese – Long; Foreigners – 50 Years under current Vietnamese law



Located at No. 2 Ton Duc Thang, Ben Nghe, District 1, City. In Ho Chi Minh City, it can be said that the Vinhomes Golden River apartment project is located right at the only remaining golden position of the city center, which is the Ba Son port area in District 1.

Moreover, the Vinhomes Golden River urban area becomes even more valuable when it owns 2 Fronts of Nguyen Huu Canh – Ton Duc Thang Streets, 2 extremely important arterial roads in terms of trade connection in the center of Saigon.

From the Vinhomes Golden River apartment project, it connects flexibly and is extremely convenient in terms of traffic both by Road, River, and Waterway.

– Road: 2 road frontages (Nguyen Huu Canh – Ton Duc Thang).

– Railway: Direct connection to station 4 (Metro Line 1 Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien).

– Waterway: The front of the Saigon River is more than 1km, with a 5-star marina.

– East – Southeast direction: Bordering with more than 1km of Saigon River frontage, Thu Thiem urban area District 2

– North direction: Adjacent to Thi Nghe river frontage

– South – Southwest direction: Adjacent to the front of Ton Duc Thang street

– West – Northwest: Adjacent to the front of Nguyen Huu Canh Street, more than 20ha of Zoo and Botanical Garden

“Location, location and location” is a prerequisite motto, an unwritten rule that all investors, experts, investors as well as all customers consider as a priority. 1 to decide on a Real Estate deal. Therefore, it can be said that Vinhomes Ba Son is one of the most livable apartments in Ho Chi Minh City now and in the future.

Meanwhile, the Vinhomes Golden River apartment project with its location in the heart of Saigon, 2 street fronts, 1 river frontage and more especially is located right at Station 3 of the Metro line going underground throughout the project. because that has made the value of Vinhomes Golden River urban area more expensive than ever as well as creating added value over time.

Project residents only need to move 5 minutes to Ben Thanh Market

It takes about 10 minutes to Mien Dong bus station

Just need to move 03 minutes to get to the financial center of Thu Thiem

From the project, it takes about 25 minutes to go to Tan Son Nhat airport



With a scale of up to 25.29 hectares while the construction density of the whole area accounts for only 18.6%, together with EDSA is the number 1 landscape design unit in the US that has researched, selected and applied the model “A City Within A”. City” along with a series of perfect 5-star utility systems into the Vinhomes Golden River apartment project itself has created a first-class ecological urban area in the center of Saigon exactly like the concept of a city in the heart of the city. city.


– Trade Center, High-class Service.

– 5 Star Standard Hotel Office Complex.

– Vinschool Golden River International School.

– Museum

– Tropical flower garden.

– Wharves.

In particular, Vinhomes Golden River owns a whole chain of external utility systems, which are the most famous areas and locations of Commerce – Main – Service – Culture – Entertainment in the city that have gone down in history such as Notre Dame, Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Zoo and Botanical Garden, City Theater, etc.)



With the only remaining unique golden land fund right in the city center, the Vinhomes Golden River apartment project with a scale of up to 22.8ha was developed and built 16 Blocks, in which:

– 6 Block towers with the function of Office, 5-Star Hotel, the highlight is the tower up to 60 floors.

– 9 Block of high-class commercial apartment towers for sale of nearly 3,000 apartments.

– 64 Luxury Vinhomes Golden River Villas along the Saigon River.

Detail Plan

Vinhomes Ba Son urban area or Vinhomes Golden River project has a scale of up to 25.29 hectares, located in the middle of two arterial trade routes, Ton Duc Thang – Nguyen Huu Canh.

– Type of development: Super luxury apartment, Villa, Office, Service, 5-star standard hotel.

Scale: The Vinhomes Golden River apartment project is planned and developed, including 16 apartment towers, offices, hotels and 63 villas and is divided into 4 main subdivisions.

– In there:

+ Division 1: THE FRONT includes 3 apartment buildings named from Front 1 – Front 3 (F1, F2, F3, F4)

+ Subdivision 2: THE LUXURY consists of 6 apartment buildings named from Luxury 1 – Luxury 6, referred to as (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, and L6)

+ Subdivision 3: THE AQUA includes 4 apartment buildings named from AQUA 1 – AQUA 4 (A1, A2, A3, A4)

+ Subdivision 4: THE VICTORIA includes 63 high-class Vinhomes Golden River villas along the Saigon River.


View to Thu Thiem new urban area, District 2.

– Panoramic view of the tallest building in Vietnam – Landmark 81 (Vinhomes Central Park)

– View of the Botanical Garden

– View Bitexco, Ben Thanh, Saigon center

Interwoven with apartment towers in Vinhomes Ba Son urban area is a large green area, an internal park. Especially 25 main utility items and nearly 100 attached utility items.

In the total of 16 towers of Vinhomes Ba Son urban area, there are 6 towers with the main function of Office, 5-star hotel and 60-storey office building. The remaining 9 towers function as Luxury Apartments with the number of about 3000 apartments.

Vinhomes Ba Son urban area (Vinhomes Golden River) was built and developed as a model civilized urban area, a multi-purpose, modern and high-class complex in the center of Saigon. In which the main type of investment is “Luxury Apartment – Commercial – Service – Grade A Office – Super Luxury Villa”.

– With a construction density of only 18.6%, an impressive number for a Vinhomes Ba Son urban area, worthy of being the most modern riverside ecological urban complex in the city center.

Here, readers are invited to see the detailed floor plan of each apartment building of Vinhomes Ba Son urban area (Vinhomes Golden River) that Vingroup has been opening for sale on the market:


A special thing about the Vinhomes Golden River apartment project is that the investor has set up a complex of more than 45 handover items with the highest quality in Vietnam today, but in precedent there has not been any urban area. Which one can do that.


Vinhomes Golden River apartments are luxuriously designed with the world’s most famous brands such as Floich, Hanagrohe, Duravil…

– Duravit sanitary ware (Germany)

– Bosch kitchen appliances (Germany)

– Central air conditioner (There is no hot unit in the entire Vinhomes Golden River apartment)

An extremely wonderful thing in your apartment, because, the entire urban area, project, Vinhomes Golden River apartment from the outside landscape to every little detail right in each room are consulted, designed by the world’s leading units such as EDSA, Genslar (USA). Vinhomes Golden River brings a perfect living space according to international standards.


Selling Price

– One-bedroom apartment accounts for 17%: From 5 billion / unit (From 49.5 to 50.9 m2)

– Two-bedroom apartment accounts for 50%: From 7.5 billion / unit (From 68.6 to 83.2 m2)

– 3, 4 bedroom apartments account for 33%: From 13 to 19 billion/unit (From 109.1 to 121.4 m2)
Vinhomes Golden River – Truly an Ideal Place of Wellbeing, A Golden Opportunity for Customers as well as Real Estate Investors 2021
– Particularly for all customers with real needs, buying to live, there is really nothing more to say, because Vinhomes Golden River apartment is an extremely right choice, an ideal place to live in the middle of the city. District 1 center. You and your loved ones will experience and enjoy a perfect and sustainable lifestyle over time.
– What about investors? Vinhomes Golden River fully meets the elements and requirements from the unique golden location, the number 1 prestigious Vingroup investor in Vietnam, perfect facilities, 5-star service, etc.. as well as meeting all needs. The most demanding umbrella requirements constitute an investment opportunity with high profitability, outstanding rental performance right in the bustling city center.
For a more thorough analysis and below we would like to give the talking numbers as of September 3, 2019.
– Up to the present time: House and land prices in the core area of Saigon center range from 200 million to 1 billion/m2.
– Rental price: On average, a street frontage costs from 30 to 40 billion VND/unit, the rental price range ranges from 3000USD – 3500USD/month.
– Specific example: Investing in a Vinhomes Golden River apartment costs about 8-10 billion, renting with an average price of 3000USD. Is that attractive enough for you?
To go a little more in-depth, we would like to share with you one thing that currently, with the depleted land fund in the center of District 1, it is rare that there is no project that meets all the factors. of a housing product with high standards in both quality and quantity as well as aesthetics like the Vinhomes Golden River apartment project.
Because the land fund is limited, not enough to build the project, where do you get land to build utility infrastructure, services …. (No green park, no location in front of the Saigon River, Poor utilities, services….). These projects currently have an average price of 3500 USD – 4500 USD/m2.
So, Vinhomes Golden River apartments only have a price range of about 3400 USD/m2 – 4500 USD/m2, owning a golden position of road frontage, river frontage, reputable investor, large green park along the river. Saigon, 5-star marina, etc., so Vinhomes Golden River is one of the most liveable apartments in District 1.

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